Secret Santa

Here in Spain we call it “amigo invisible” which means “invisible friend“. This custom has been going on a lot longer than the Secret Santa. It is when the family is so extended that you simply cannot buy a present for everybody.

It has really taken off in the UK ( which is where I am from) to buy a gift for someone especially¬† as a work Christmas party, If you are not¬† familiar with this what happens is everybody’s name is entered into a “hat” and each person pulls a name out. Then you have to buy a gift for that person spending about $10. You wrap it up and write the recipient’s name on it and then the gifts are distributed at the Christmas party. This also works well with a group of friends. I do this every year with my close friends. That way you don’t have to buy a gift for each person.

So here are a few recommendations so that you don’t go over budget and make sure that your “invisible friend” gets a cool gift.
How cool are these!! Gonna get some for my daughter, niece and my nephew’s girlfriend. Just the thing for a party!

  • A hair extension made from fiber optics which when turned on light up.
  • When the hair is turned off it is white, when turned on it glows Red, White, Green or Blue

Stored in a cupcake shaped pot, make sure your hands stay soft and supple, wherever you are with a chocolaty scent.

Great for someone who likes spicy food.

In my family we always try to wear cool Christmas jewellery.

Baby it’s cold outside!!

Gloves are super soft, with special Polyfirberoptic conductive material woven into the thumb and index finger, so you can tap, pinch and scroll even when it’s minus whatever outside.
Skin-like responsiveness yet Staying toastie whilst using your tablet or smart phone has never been easier has never been easier.
Ideal for using your sat nav while driving on a freezing day.
Unisex gloves come in one size that fits all.

Great presents for Scrabble lovers.